It's a new year and a new day. A day for all of us to take a mindful moment to review and rekindle our excitement about our lives. Nicole and Aaron of Music Journey, LLC want to send love and light to everyone as this New Year begins. As we reflect on this New Year's Day, we are reminded of the importance of self-compassion, self-care, and self-forgiveness. In one of the mindfulness music therapy groups that Aaron runs, he works on helping people to develop ways to become mindful with poems, music, and meditation. On this New Year's Day, we hope you all create an opportunity to be mindful and appreciate the moments you live in. 

Please check back for announcements of music therapy groups forming in the New Year. 

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05/03/2016 11:18am

Reflects on the new year and all months of the right a side are reproduced and organized. It is the inflicted and aspired for the right and fundamental stints. It is the fundamental and permanent skills of the right and pertinent nature. It is introduced and offered.

06/18/2017 4:22am

Can you even remember the last time you cross out a New Year's resolution from your list? Did you actually finished it or do you still have it on your never ending list right now? The concept of change every New Year has been a big joke to us ever since. Basically, we don't actually have to wait for a New Year to change. Every day is a chance for us to be a better person. A chance for us to turn our dreams into reality. We're just blinded by the concept of New Year, that's why we're not fully dedicated to achieve our own goals in life. We should all learn how to make the most our of our lives.

05/09/2016 3:42am

Look around at the experiences you are already having.


What is your plans for the future? Do you still feel the need>?


I look back on the times when I had to make big decisions and changes in my life. I must say that I have no regrets. I know that life is not perfect and I've always been living carelessly but this year, I'm trying to change. I know that my actions can affect the lives of my loved ones so I have to consider them also. I don't want to be selfish anymore. This new year, I hope and pray that I will be a better person, and I'll be working hard to make that come true.

07/11/2017 8:22pm

I am sure that there are also bad things that happened on your life the past year. Everything was not smooth as much as how we wanted it to be. But you should still be thankful because God has given you another year to make new memories and to find your better self. Though life isn't obviously perfect, there are still things worth to be thankful for! Happy New Year to you!

09/15/2017 8:58am

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11/30/2017 7:45am



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