We were excited to join 40 music therapists and music therapy students from around Pennsylvania in Harrisburg on Tuesday October 22nd for the first PA MT Hill Day. The Pennsylvania Music Therapy State Recognition Task Force organized the event. The purpose of the Hill Day was to focus attention on the need for clients to be able to access music therapy services  in all counties in the state.

Nicole and Aaron, along with a team of others, met with multiple house and senate members of the Pennsylvania legislature. Specifically, meetings were held with representative from house district 27, Dan Deasy and with state senator Matt Smith of the 37th district where Music Journey's practice is located. We greatly appreciate Representative Deasy and Senator Smith's time and willingness to discuss how music therapy is impacting the lives of people in their districts. 

Here are a few facts about music therapy around PA: There are nine universities and colleges that have music therapy training programs in PA with three of those currently offering graduate training in music therapy. Pennsylvania citizens in 41 counties are receiving music therapy services. Music therapists in PA are working with a wide variety of clients. Specifically, music therapists are helping people with developmental disabilities, mental health problems, neurologic impairments, chronic illnesses, people with hearing, vision and speech impairments, and others in the processes of terminal illness. Overall 412 music therapists are committed to helping improve the lives of people of all ages through out Pennsylvania. A total of 41,000 Pennsylvanians receive music therapy annually.

We here at Music Journey are looking forward to continuing this advocacy effort in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information regarding future music therapy advocacy actions. 

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