Gut Besser Nicole! Nicole shared her research that explored the experiences of four ground breaking music therapy educators. We are so excited and proud of her presentation and that she shared this important work on Feminist orientation in teaching music therapy.

The presentation was well received with questions and many people stayed over-time to ask questions and offer reflections. Nicole's presentation, seemed to inspire conversations and open up discussions around the overlapping practical beliefs and applications that some music therapists and educators are discovering.

Nicole and Aaron send many thanks to the conference organizers for a wonderful conference so far. We were very moved by the first spotlight session highlighting music therapists perspectives from around the globe including Sumathy Sundar (India), Lia Rejane Mendes Barcellos (Brazil), Gro Trondalen (Norway), Satoko Inoue (Japan), and Michaela Noseck-Licul (Austria) a researcher exploring music therapy and other music healing practices.

Tuesday afternoon, Aaron had great fun in a workshop facilitated by Sylka Uhlig (Netherlands) focusing on vocal play and voice as a "primary instrument in music therapy". The workshop was full of lively and adventurous musicers.

The official Opening Ceremony was full of much fanfare and music. It was great fun to gather with over 1000 music therapists, music therapy students, and other professionals from around the globe on Tuesday evening.
Aaron and Nicole will be among the many attendees at the 2014 World Congress of Music Therapy held in Krems, Austria from July 8-12, sponsored by the World Federation of Music Therapy www.musictherapy2014.org  We are very excited to have the opportunity to meet and learn from music therapists and other professionals from around the globe. 

Nicole will be giving a presentation, Reflections on Feminist Music Therapy Pedagogy in Teaching Music Therapy, based on her research. Check back often as we will be posting and blogging about our adventures in Austria!